What do you need to eat to increase male potency?

a woman feeds a man with products to increase potency

Male power does not fade away for no reason.

Very often, the factor that contributes to the development of impotence is unhealthy diet.

It has been noticed that married men live longer and retain good potency until a ripe old age.

The basis for this is regular sex, a constant partner, delicious and healthy food that she constantly cooks.

What nutritional secrets do you need to know to increase potency? What products should be preferred?


Long before the invention of pills, our great-great-grandfathers used the wonderful properties of simple products to preserve male strength until old age. They promoted libido and raised the tone of the male body. These include aphrodisiacs - foods rich in vitamins A, B, E. Their common beneficial property is to enhance the transmission of nerve impulses and thus increase potency. Aphrodisiacs activate sexuality, improve the quality of orgasm, and promote the production of the hormone testosterone.

This product category includes dates, peanuts, pistachios. Nuts contain potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and the most beneficial element for men's health - zinc. It has a beneficial effect on the prostate, regulates the amount of testosterone in the blood. In order to increase potency, you need to take 80-100 grams of nuts per day. If you grind them and mix them in equal proportions with honey, you will get a very useful dessert and a potency stimulator.

Onions, herbs, garlic are good friends of men's health. It is the latter that have long been used by men of mature age in Russia. And once upon a time, our great-grandfathers ate turnips every day. The vegetable stimulates the secretion of testosterone and maintains a stable hormonal balance. For this purpose, turnips are baked or boiled in milk. You can also take 50 grams of juice twice a day.

Vegetables and fruits to increase potency

Red watermelon exhibits excellent male strength-enhancing properties. The study of the properties of the berry (namely, it is a watermelon) showed that it contains substances that dilate blood vessels, which promotes an erection and acts similarly to the popular pill.

Nutritionists also recommend that men consume figs, raisins, and prunes, mixing and supplementing them with honey. Such a vitamin bomb will help to strengthen the immune system and maintain health.

It is useful to include pumpkin seeds in the diet. Their main advantage is zinc saturation. By the way, flax seeds have the same property.

Fresh seasonal fruits grown in the area where the man lives are useful as sources of various vitamins. They cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, tone and prevent weight gain. He, too, is the enemy of a man's health.

Fish and seafood

Their main advantage is that they are rich in zinc and selenium. Oysters contain amino acids that activate testosterone production, and dopamine in their composition increases libido.

It is best to eat oysters raw with lemon juice.

Flounder is a healthy fish, rich in amino acids and vitamins A, B, E. It is better to bake fish, stew, but not fry.

Boiled mackerel is a source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, phosphorus, iodine. They are involved in the synthesis of testosterone, improve reproductive function.

Shrimp, crayfish, squid, mussels promote sperm production, stimulate libido due to their high zinc content. However, you need to choose those methods of cooking seafood that involve minimal heat treatment. To stimulate male strength, it is recommended to eat 80-100 grams of such foods per day.

What weakens the potency?

There is also a category of products that take away the strength of gentlemen. First of all, these are alcoholic beverages. They lead to premature aging, inhibition of all reactions, including the development of impotence.

Food from fast food - french fries, hot dogs, cola, big macs, etc. - only fills the stomach, but does not deliver nutrients to the body. There are so many preservatives, flavors and other chemicals in these products that the kidneys are the first to suffer, then the stomach and potency. Fried food, spicy, smoked, pickled, will not enhance it. Vegetables are best eaten fresh or baked, but not pickled or canned.